Flintshire man given suspended sentence after assaulting Liverpool rail staff

A British Transport Police investigation has seen a 52-year-old man receive a suspended sentence following the assault of two rail security staff members


Harley Mein from Ashford hurled racist abuse at security guards while boyfriend George Mitchell from Lydd attacked another one at Panorama flats

A woman unleashed a tirade of racist abuse at security guards before her boyfriend repeatedly punched one unconscious


Woman stole alcohol from Tesco twice claiming she had Covid and shouted ‘rape’ when stopped by security guard

Bethanie Summerscales, 22, appeared over video link at Minshull Street Crown Court sitting at Stockport Magistrates Court


Deeside man who assaulted rail security staff because “they looked like they were Taliban” handed suspended sentence

He received an eight week sentence suspended for 12 months at Sefton Magistrate’s Court on Friday, 8 October. He must also wear an electronic tag for six week and pay court costs of £85 and £200 compensation


Teen attacked Worcester nurse and hit officer with urine-soaked trousers

Alanna Knight assaulted three police officers, a nurse and a security guard and damaged Worcester hospital property and her dad’s house in Droitwich when she ‘blacked out’ after taking drugs


‘She could be dead because of what you did’: Shoplifter headbutted police officer unconscious after shouting vile racial abuse in Leeds Aldi store

A shoplifter headbutted a police officer unconscious after shouting sickening racist abuse at an Aldi store in Leeds


Thief launched disgusting racist rant at Perth city centre shop security guard

Suspected shoplifter Daniel Cahill was confronted as he attempted to leave the Primark store in the city’s High Street after he was seen “acting suspiciously”