Drunk spat at hospital staff, headbutted window and arrived at court intoxicated, but avoids jail

Surgautas arrived at the hospital “extremely intoxicated”, despite it being 7am – “One member of the security team had to “act as a barrier” between Surgautas and a nurse”


A patient who assaulted a nurse and racially abused staff at Maidstone Hospital has been jailed

Dale Cooper has been sentenced to 12 months’ imprisonment, just a day after punching a female nurse in the face and shouting repeated racist remarks to security guards

Wigan’s NHS Trust speaks out after staff abused for carrying out Covid-19 checks at site entrances

Wigan’s NHS Trust has condemned a handful of patients who have abused staff carrying out Covid checks at its hospital entrances


Drunken man spat at A&E nurse during rampage inside Scarborough Hospital

A man has been jailed after causing pandemonium at Scarborough Hospital and spitting at an A&E nurse during the Covid crisis- a porter restrained Atkinson and a security guard was called. Atkinson, who was threatening to spit at the guard, tried to get away through some double doors that were locked but which he wrenched open, causing about £50 damage


Drunk student, 19, who screamed homophobic abuse as she assaulted emergency workers avoids jail as court hears she’ll be ‘horrified’ when her gay friends learn of her behaviour

She pulled a paramedic’s hair; hit a security guard and slapped a policewoman


Aberdeen police removed from duty after grappling with Covid-stricken thug

Kevin Donegan, who was initially admitted to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary (ARI) due to “severe intoxication”, had to be repeatedly restrained by hospital security staff and police despite displaying Covid-19 symptoms

Man on hospital rampage told staff ‘I hope you have said goodbye to your families, I have got coronavirus’

Derby Crown Court heard how Corey Harris told security staff “I hope you have said goodbye to your families, I have got Coronavirus” after punching security staff and running around various departments


Hartlepool man spat in face of NHS worker and claimed he had Covid

Keith Casey, 27, spat at a security officer at James Cook Hospital while refusing treatment after taking an overdose, Teesside Crown Court heard


A TAUNTON man has admitted attacking two security officers at the town’s Musgrove Park Hospital

Craig Joseph Howells pleaded guilty to assaulting by beating the on-duty emergency workers on March 11 this year


‘I’ll rip your face off’: spitting man threatened hospital security staff

A man spat water on the floor and threatened security staff at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, telling one he would “rip his face off”.

Matthew Suttle, 47, told another security officer that he would kill him and caused damage by head-butting a wall during the incident, Norwich Crown Court heard