Gateshead couple bit and spat at security and PCs and said they had Covid during supermarket rampage

Michael and Victoria Hetherington, of Felling, told police they had Covid before coughing and spitting at them after causing havoc in Sainsbury’s

Abusive dad harassed ex partner, threatened security guard and fought with police at Beeston Asda store

An abusive boyfriend harassed his girlfriend in an Asda store queue before making threats to security guards and police officers

Wigan’s NHS Trust speaks out after staff abused for carrying out Covid-19 checks at site entrances

Wigan’s NHS Trust has condemned a handful of patients who have abused staff carrying out Covid checks at its hospital entrances

Leigh Park man said he ‘wanted to shoot judge’ after branding Portsmouth Crown Court hearing a ‘joke’

A MAN heard in court saying he wanted to shoot a judge has been told to pay compensation for hurling abuse at security guards

Man coughed in officer’s face claiming he had Covid-19

It was one of a “catalogue” of distressing anti-social offences that Kevin Leeburn was in court for. Kevin Patrick Leeburn was being detained after causing a disturbance at a Tesco store where he threatened a security guard

Crack addict threatened to stab victims during robbery spree and told black policeman to ‘eat some bananas’

Daniel Taylor, 27, has received a lengthy jail term. Taylor, from Salford, said he’d stab a Tesco security guard!

Aberdeen police removed from duty after grappling with Covid-stricken thug

Kevin Donegan, who was initially admitted to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary (ARI) due to “severe intoxication”, had to be repeatedly restrained by hospital security staff and police despite displaying Covid-19 symptoms

Security guard suffered stroke after being punched by racist shoplifter at Middleton Asda store in Leeds

A security guard suffered a stroke after being punched by a shoplifter at an Asda store in Leeds